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Soldier-Style Indestructible Shoes... for us Civilians

Let's go Camo.

We might not be the brave men and women fighting overseas, protecting our freedom, but we can absolutely show our support by wearing Camouflage Indestructible Shoes.

Style, Comfort, and Steel-Toe Protection

Our Battlefield Series protects your toes and feet while honoring Soldiers protecting our Freedoms. Style, comfort, and steel-toe protection for work, exploration, adventure, or play, these shoes are equipped with:

  • A Steel Cap over the toe that's certified to withstand 200J of shock
  • An Anti-Shock Mid-Sole with a steel-plate lining
  • Mesh that's breathable, flexible, and extremely comfortable
  • High-quality, water-resistant technology

It's the coolest-looking upgrade to steel-toe that you've ever seen.

Battlefield Series Camouflage

We have three incredible camouflage Indestructible Shoe styles:

  1. Green: This is your traditional, Military Green infused with Desert Dust and Black
  2. Gray: This Black Ops style sports a Gray, White, and Black camo with tactical Orange soles
  3. Blue: This a bada** camo color combo of Blue, Black, and Gray with aggressive traction

This is the original Indestructible Shoe. There's nothing else like it... and nothing else that looks like it.

Ready to upgrade?