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R.I.P. Steel-Toe Boots... Meet the Indestructible Origin Series Shoes

It's like it was yesterday... on a job site, thankful we were wearing our steel-toed boots when that brick fell, NOT thankful when we got home and our feet were killing us. Oh, sorry, did we mention this is an Obituary for Steel-Toe Boots?

The Good, The Bad, The Stylish

We had some good memories with our steel-toe boots... playing in the park, taking long walks on the beach, hitting the gym... oh wait, none of that happened with them. They were strictly work boots and other than protecting our toes, they were basically useless.

They were also heavy. Remember wearing them for the first time? You looked like a circus goon wearing stilts, walking around like you just discovered legs. It was awkward. Then, eventually, you wore them in and they were tolerable... it was right about that time that it was time to get new ones. A terrible cycle. Which, luckily, is now deceased...

Thanks to the stylish creation of the original Indestructible Shoes! Our Origin Series Indestructible Shoes have it all:

  • Certified Steel Cap Over the Toes (They can withstand 200J of shock)
  • Mid-Sole Steep Plate + Anti-Shock Breathable,
  • Flexible Mesh for Comfort and Movement
  • Water-Resistant Technology

It's Time to Upgrade

The power, sophistication, style, and comfort of the Origin Series from Indestructible Shoes is cause for celebration. They're an upgrade from everything that was wrong with steel-toe boots, AND MORE. Would anyone like to pay their final respects to old, out-dated, steel-toe boots? No? That's cool. :) Upgrade your work shoes... forever.