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When's A Knock-Off Shoe Okay? Not When It Means Actually Getting Your Toes Knocked Off!

It's a sad truth that when any good product comes along, so too come the knockoffs. And, sometimes that's okay. After all, what parent cares whether or not their kid got the ORIGINAL fidget spinner or just got ANY fidget spinner? Either way, the thing got lost in less than a week...

Sometimes, though, fakes are a big problem... and not just for the companies that are losing out on sales. Sometimes, the difference between the real thing and a fake can literally be the difference between keeping or losing your toes.

That's why we're so passionate about letting people know that our product is THEE original, indestructible shoe. These shoes aren't just a fashion statement (But they do look way better than your grandpa's steel-toed boots, am I right?) They're REAL toe savers AND bone protectors!

Our genuine Indestructible Shoes are

  • indestructible (did we mention they're indestructible?)
  • water-resistant
  • skid-proof
  • and, with shock-absorption and breathable mesh uppers, they're comfortable too!

So, let's say you're working at a garage. A knock-off shoe won't protect you from slips on a slick surface. It probably won't leave your feet feeling comfortable at the end of a long shift. But most importantly, when the new kid drops that big heavy thing you told him to be more careful with... those knockoff shoes aren't going to do a thing to protect your toes.

With your toes on the line, who do you trust? We know one thing's for sure, we wouldn't do the hammer test, the brick test, the car running over the toe test, or the grinder to the toes/sole test with our feet in any shoes but our own.