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Meet the Original Indestructible Shoes: Protect Your Toes... With Indestructible Style!

We know your #1 Question... Ready? "What's an Indestructible Shoe?" Surprisingly no, we're NOT mind readers! :)

Actually, we get asked this quite often. Remember steel toe boots? They were so cool... if you were a construction worker. Some people tried to wear them as part of their fashion but it just didn't look right. Truth is... EVERYONE wants to protect their toes!

How many times have you randomly stubbed your toes, hit them on something hard, dropped something on them... maybe kicked something out of anger? Hey, we're not judging! The thing is, that pain doesn't happen anymore -- not because you're wearing ugly boots, but because you're wearing stylish, indestructible shoes!

LITERALLY Indestructible!

These things can't be destroyed... oh, which is also nice if you find yourself constantly having to buy new shoes for yourself or your loved one. The original Indestructible Shoes are:

  • Made with actual steel caps over the toes that are certified to take on 200J of shock
  • Equipped with a steel plate within the mid-sole and combined with anti-shock technology
  • Water-Resistant (Camping anyone?)
  • Skid-Proof, which is nice because those black lines on wood floors are awful 
  • Aligned with breathable mesh and superior comfort

Did we mention these aren't the ugly boots of the past?

So, get out there, go hike, go camping, be adventurous, kick walls out of anger (again, not judging!) and live indestructible with the original Indestructible Shoes.