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The Indestructible Shoes to Help You (Jail)Break The Routine!

Raise your hand if you've ever:

  • Stubbed your toe (maybe even broken it that way!) Dropped something on your foot (ouch!)
  • Punctured the sole of your shoe by stepping on something
  • Damaged the top of your shoe by tripping the 2nd or 3rd time you've worn them 

If you're like us... You've done ALL of the above. And you're TIRED of it. But, tough shoes are NOT fashionable... right? 

Until now. 

Function Meets Fashion

We're the Original Indestructible Shoe company and we pride ourselves on making tough shoes that stand the test of time -- and changing fashion trends! Whether you rock them for work, school, or just every day, our Jailbreak collection is lightweight AND built to last. 

  • Clean, stylish lines making them perfect for work
  • Skid-proof and slip resistant
  • Shock absorbing materials to lessen and prevent foot pain
  • Steel toe without the added weight

Available in a variety of colors, our Jailbreak Indestructible shoes will have you looking fresh without the worry of hurting your toes or feet. 

Wear Resistant Technology

With our patented wear-resistant technology, our shoes are the only one in the market with steel toes AND soles. Unlike the rip-offs who use plastic and low-quality materials, we know you won't be let down by our product. Check out the Jailbreak series today!