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How To Make Sure You Find a Reliable Plumber

Having technical issues at home? No problem, these 5 steps will get you the plumber you´re in need of!

Either a clogged drain, a running toilet or a faulty boiler, you name it… it is always a pain to have these daily issues at home, especially when you're alone and have no idea how to solve them, because come on, we don't all know how to do some incredible plumbing work. It's time to leave it to the true professionals, because whenever you encounter any sort of trouble at home, you need to be ready and act FAST.

However, what plumber can I really trust? What should I look for at the time of hiring a plumber for my home? No worries, today we'll talk about 5 crucial steps you need to take to be able to find the right plumber for you.

Step #1: 

Don't opt for the route of calling any random plumber out there. To avoid any sort of problems, make sure you follow the first step towards making an informed decision that will save your home. 

  • Call the right local tradesman- Before calling a local specialist, make sure what you need is in the specialist's range of expertise and services he offers. If you have noticed leakage, blockage problems or fixture installations, then this is your sign to consider calling a plumber to help out with these issues straight away. 

We strongly recommend picking trained and supervised local professionals like TRUSTMARK, a company in which plumbers must pass a comprehensive on-site inspection each year.

Step #2:

Seek for plumbers that are always willing to ensure your health and safety.

  • Today more than ever because we are living in a time of pandemic due to COVID 19, you need to be extremely careful when choosing the right person to handle your plumbing problems because you never know the amount of physical contact a person has had with others and this could certainly put your health at risk. 
  • We recommend protecting yourself and your families by hiring local plumbers who follow the NHS and British Government requirements to be able to work.
  • Be sure that when you book a plumber he is personally enhanced and has good hygiene, as well as daily temperature screenings that are in the appropriate and normal ranges, uses proper protective equipment like masks, latex gloves and overshoes, and lastly uses disinfectants before and during the stay at your home.

Step #3:

Word of mouth is VERY important because when you ask for referrals you can actually get a trustworthy taste when hiring a plumber to do the work you need to fix.

  • To find trust-worthy plumbers, we recommend asking those who are very close to you and people you truly trust like family members, neighbours, friends and colleagues.
  • Neighbours are crucial in word of mouth because you can ask them who they book for plumbing repairs and installations.
  • Ask for advice from other local tradespeople and builders around your town.
  • Social Networking will actually save your life because you can read and request feedback from almost anyone online + you can read reviews that can give you that sense of trust as well.

Step #4: 

Time to do your online research! 

  • If you're more of an internet person and like to do your own research, we recommend looking in Google Portal, as it is the best place to go on a self-directed internet journey with instant access to all types of information and services.
  • Start your google portal journey by typing “Plumber near me”, and with this, you'll be able to build a shortlist of possible companies near you. 
  • Slowly and surely go through their websites and presence on Google Maps and finally match all the features and benefits you would like to get when hiring the plumber.

Step #5:

Finally and most importantly, read on-site REVIEWS, success stories and customer testimonials. These are the real pieces of evidence you will need when hiring your next plumber, of course along with all the previous steps we've mentioned.

  • If plumbers you are looking to hire are not connected with benefits and customer feedback, ignore them because you can NEVER rely only on the phrases plumbing companies use such as “We offer the best local plumbing services in town”.
  • Make extra efforts to scout for testimonials, authentic reviews, customer success stories and project pages that talk about the benefits a certain client has obtained with a plumber.
  • Lastly, use websites that set personality because this is how you will meet your local plumber online for the first time. Top-rated plumbers expose teams, real photos, activities and trades at a central place on their pages. 

The key factor to finding a good plumber around town will always be to count on a well-known company that offers plumbing solutions that are also backed up by customer testimonials that immediately give you trust-worthy vibes. 

With this in mind, we want to finish by telling everyone who is currently looking for plumbers to make sure the company you are hiring has an official business address, telephone number, email and opening hours. You may also want to check if the firm offers a guarantee for fixing what went wrong because if a plumber does not offer a guarantee, it probably means the work he did won't last long. 

We hope you can get your plumbing search ON TRACK with these Indestructible Tips!