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8 Great Outdoor Activities to Make the Most of Fall

Summer’s over and winter is just around the corner. Which means shorter days, more time inside, and watching football. Falls come around as the last chance to adventure into the outdoors and enjoy the wild side before freezing temperatures become the new normal. 

Those of us who love the outdoors need to take advantage of the fleeting warm weather and enjoy ourselves for all our hard work. We wouldn’t want to waste the last three months of 8pm sunsets. 

From pumpkin patches with the kids, to nights out roasting dogs on fire, the fall is the perfect time to explore, try new things, and revisit old pastimes. 

If you’re looking to join us in the outdoors this fall, you’re in luck. Here's a list of the 8 best things to do with your loved ones to make the most of this amazing season. 

Pitch a Tent for the Weekend. 

Camping season may be coming to a close, but you can make a grand exit. The fall is a great time to take the family out to a campsite to enjoy the melody of the outdoors. Pack up the bags for the weekend, find a local campsite, and enjoy the autumn breeze. You’ll be amazed by the colorful trees and the stars in the night sky. 

Off to The Pumpkin Patch. 

No fall can be complete without a family trip to the pumpkin patch! There’s so many opportunities for memories with family like carving pumpkins or scary hayrides that it’s so hard not to enjoy. Not only are there fun things to do, but there’s usually amazing food to eat too. From pumpkin pie to pumpkin rolls, I can’t help but imagine what type of delectables your hometown has cooking up this fall. I think it’s time you find the closest patch to you and plan your next adventure with the family. 

Go Apple Picking. 

Did you know September and October are by far the best months to pick apples from the tree? Yep, they’re ripe and ready to eat during these months. Why do you think apple cider makes such a loud appearance? Spend Saturday with your family and teach them the art of picking the right apples. Then, it’s apple pie time. 

Walk Through a Corn Maze. 

Corn mazes are an excellent way to spend time with your family, test your abilities, and have a good laugh. Since the corn is above the heads of most adults during the fall, mazes can be enjoyable for both you and your kids, making this a potential quality bonding experience. If you want to make the most of your trip to a corn maze, explore the place with pumpkin patches, hayrides, playing areas, and petting zoos as well. This will ensure you get the most out of your time and money. 

Hit The Local Hiking Trail. 

Take in the beautiful scenery that comes with the change of weather by hitting the hiking trails in your city. Breath in the fresh air, stretch your legs, and enjoy wildlife with those you care for. Try to spot wild animals, or identify plants to make things a little more appealing. It may be a challenge but I’m sure you’re up for the idea of understanding your local ecosystem. 

Scale an Outdoor Rock Wall. 

Whether your family prefers rock climbing outside in the natural environment or rock climbing at a local facility, this is a highly touted autumn activity we know you’ll enjoy. It’s outstanding exercise, the fall weather conditions don’t interfere, and the colorful trees are worth seeing from above. Take your family to the nearest climbing area and test your ability to finish the climb.

Invite Your Friends Over for a Fire. 

You don’t even need to lead the house for a fall adventure. Bring the family and friends together for a bonfire in your backyard. Grab the s’mores, hot dogs, and kabobs and sit around the campfire under the starlit night sky. If you want to go even further, you can start things a little earlier and turn the event from a bonfire to a cookout. The cool weather makes sitting around the fire a joyful way of bonding with your family. 

Rake Leaves and Take a Dive. 

Looking for an interesting way to get some yard work done while helping the kids burn off some energy? Just get them to gather up some rakes and collect a massive leaf pile in the yard. Before you bag up or burn the leaves, let the kids have their fun jumping, sliding and kicking through the leaves. It’ll mean you’ll have to pick up leaves more than once, but the looks on their faces as they enjoy this simple fall pastime will make up for the lost time. 

With all the possibilities out there, we couldn’t name them all. But these 8 outdoor activities for the fall will take you a few weeks to complete and may last the rest of the season. As the fall reaches its climax, the night sky only gets brighter, the marshmallows only get softer, and the pumpkin pie only gets sweeter. Take the time this fall to build a tighter build with your family and explore the outdoors like the man you are.  

It’s adventure season and we all hope to see you there.