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3 Restaurant Safety Tips

Many new employees in the industry make the mistake of neglecting safety when they first start working. Often times, it’s because they assume that the safety procedures set by your employer are common knowledge.


New hires are always trying to “impress their boss” by getting the job done faster than everyone else. But the truth is, perhaps the best way to gain the respect of your employers is by setting a high safety standard.

When they see you going above and beyond to ensure you’re protected against workplace hazards…

It’ll only be a matter of time until you become nominated as employee of the year.

To stand out in your restaurant... avoid falling victim to these common mistakes at all costs:


Mistake #1) Being Careless With Sharp Edges

Knives, machine parts, equipment, and broken glass can all have dangerously sharp edges. Wearing cut resistant gloves is extremely helpful when handling sharp objects.

Mistake #2) Not Wearing Slip-Resistant Shoes

Most restaurants have a strict “shoe policy” and employees are typically required to wear non-slip shoes. But all too often, servers and chefs will try to get by with wearing normal shoes simply because employers can never tell the difference between the two.

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Mistake #3) Neglecting the Proper Dress Code

In addition to slip-resistant shoes, uniform standards may include hairnets, aprons, and plastic gloves. These prevent long hair, germs, and loose clothing from contaminating foods and getting caught in kitchen equipment.

Reading through your job’s safety procedures and strictly following them will prove to your boss that you’re responsible and trustworthy.

While most servers and cooks don’t realize it…

Your boss pays very close attention to your every action.

If you want to climb your way up the ladder and get the raise or promotion you’ve been working towards...

Something so simple as wearing anti-slip work shoes and following the dress code can make all the difference.

But be wary...

Some of your fellow co-workers might resent you when you’re offered a management position before them even though they’ve been at the restaurant longer!

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