slots open!

You know how Black Friday shopping works, right?

Every store on this planet will try to send you ‘fabulous, exciting and jaw-dropping’ offers.

Your inbox will be a crowded mess of coupons, vouchers, and ‘insane’ deals.

But you know why it doesn’t bother us?

Because we know we’ll offer you the craziest deals on the toughest shoes you’ll find online!

You’ll get unbelievable deals that will pop out from the crowd. Some deals will be so ridiculous that you’ll be tempted to buy shoes for all your friends!

But we have a business to run. We can’t possibly offer these mind-blowing deals to tens of thousands of people.

This is a limited Early Bird deal, and only 2000 people will get the BEST Offers!

But what if you had a pair of work shoes that exceed your expectations in every category?

A pair of stylish footwear that were not only comfortable… but were also made of the same durable material the military uses for their gear!

You’d stay nimble on the job without worrying about dangerous materials like nails from poking through and hurting you. And when it’s time to clock out, you were no longer in pain from sore and achy feet.

Instead, you have the energy to power through work and go home with enough energy to cross things off your to do list. Or if you decide to go out to the bars after work...

You walk in confidence knowing that your shoes are socially acceptable to wear. Perhaps you’re tired of bulky shoes that make it difficult for your feet to get the breath of fresh air they need during those hot summe days...

How much would your overall quality of life improve if you never had to worry about sacrificing style for utility or protection for comfortability?

Well… we have the perfect solution for you.


Mesh Shoe Upper

Say goodbye to smelly feet and hello to a world of fresh air for your feet

Lightweight Body

Super light material to prevent your feet from getting tired after long shifts

Military Grade Material

built to last for decades and light enough to keep you agile during work

EVA Sole

Anti-skid grip pattern coupled with extra cushioning

Modern Style Design

Trendy, stylish, and sleek with a ton of utility integrated into it


To celebrate the launch of our
new Zero Series with you…


The perfect blend of style, comfort and protection for those long work shifts your job demands.
Get ready for your work day with the Zero Series... We guarantee you’re going to love them. Your feet will thank you.