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The Double-Edged Sword That Is Our Free Time

For grown-ups, this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime phenomena that rarely ever happens.

No daily commute, no sitting traffic, much less morning alarms going off...

In a way, it’s like an adult’s dream come true (minus not being able to go out) We can spend time sitting at home, watching TV, catching up on our sleep, and being with our families, anything indoors, really. It’s great to be able to just unwind and relax for a couple of weeks!

At the same time, it’s just as easy to feel lazy and wants to slack off.

We might sleep more often than necessary, watch more TV than we have to, eat more than we know we should and who can blame you?? If there was ever a time to do it, now’s the ideal time.

But we can’t lose sight out of the bigger picture outside of the house…

Are we making the attempt to find work?

Let’s talk about Home Depot for a moment.

Out of all the businesses and stores that are still open and deemed ‘essential’, this major chain store still has its doors open. The economy may have slowed down but the effects of time and nature slow down for no virus.

That’s because people still need the hardware they provide for their homes. Parts of people’s homes will still need repair help from skilled workers as most people can’t do it all on their own.

The point is there is still work to be done. Most handyman services are closed but the need for their services hasn’t stopped. It may not be salary or monthly income potential, but anything is better than nothing at all, especially in today’s precarious situation.

 Are we learning new skills?

 Life’s not about what happens to us; it’s about what we do when something happens.

Losing a job is definitely not something we wish on anyone, but unfortunately happens. In that case, what is the next step to take? We can’t just wait for things to come to us; we must make it happen!

If you go online, there are literally millions of workshops, training, and courses where you can learn a multitude of skills! What’s especially popular are business skill courses in sales, marketing, pricing options and so much more!

If you can’t work directly using your hands, then you can work on developing your secondary skills so you can come out of this isolation better equipped. The Internet is full of opportunities and knowledge you can use to stay afloat.

Do we have a daily routine in place?

With no set schedule or pressing obligations and responsibilities, you might wonder what’s the point?

It’s true; with more free time, we can practically do whatever we want (within reason). But there are many upsides to having a routine.

It’s commonplace in times like this to wake up and sleep when we want, but ever notice how the rest of the day feels? When we get lazy, we engage in a lot less activity and the day passes by in a haze. It can feel mentally exhausting and when you go back to bed you wonder, ‘What did I do all day?’

Having a schedule gives your day order to get what you need accomplished. Whether it’s getting more in shape, learning a new skill, spending time with family, or running an errand, you can better balance that with time for things you want to do. (Plus, when you do get back to work, you don’t want to face the brutal comeback at the last second!)

Make The Most Of What We Have

Projections of when COVID-19 will finally be put to rest range anywhere from a few more weeks, to a few more months, even up to 1 ½ year! Ultimately, it may feel like a long time, but it is temporary. The economy will make a recovery, but we cannot rely on that for financial security.

It’s only a matter of time until things take a turn for the better. Whether you go out looking for more work, running tasks, or just need to step outside from the home, be safe while you do it!

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