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Meet the Airwalk Series: Indestructible Shoes That Feel Like Lightweight Sneakers

Remember when steel-toed boots were the only protective footwear option around? *Shudder* We do too. And we think feet deserve better. That’s why we introduced the Airwalk Series.

Give your feet the breath they deserve. Even during a 12-hour shift.

Airwalks feel like lightweight sneakers, but work like the best protective shoes out there... because they are the best protective shoes out there! (In our humble opinion!)

They’ve got it all:

  • Shock-Absorption? Yep. Of course!
  • Skid-Proof? Uh, yeah. A protective shoe can’t be slippery, y’all!
  • Anti-Puncture Base? For SURE. Let’s take care of those soles.
  • Wear-Resistant Technology? Yes, sir and/or ma’am! These shoes are built to last.
  • Shocking...ly Stylish? You betcha!
  • Shocking? NOPE! These shoes are insulated from electric shock.

There’s just one downside to these durable, comfortable, stylish shoes: your manager might not believe (at first) that they make code! Just send them our way and we’ll show them where they can shove their steel-toed boots. (Which is in the back of the closet, or the donation bin, by the way. Just to make room for some awesome Indestructible Shoes. Let’s not get crude, here.)

Check out color options for the Airwalk Series here.