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How to take it easy during the holiday season

The holiday season brings a lot of joy, and we anticipate making happy memories with family and friends. It’s also a common time to take a few extra days off to cross those tasks off the to-do list. 

DIY-experienced homeowners look forward to their extra days off to get the projects they've planned but can find it challenging to complete them. The duties of getting the family ready for the holiday bashes tend to disrupt the best laid-out plans.

Homeowners suddenly find out they took on projects better left to the professionals right before the festivities happen. It's easy to get overwhelmed this time of year.

Likewise, professional handymen receive a load of last-minute calls during the holiday season. Being generous with your time to help others and get a boost in your income at the same time is great. 

Here are some tips to help you get as much done as possible this season while taking care of yourself so you can enjoy it too.

Lighten your schedule.

Whether you're a business owner or an employee, you have a greater workload during the holidays due to increased family obligations. Expect to be called upon by your spouse, parents, and children for holiday preparations. Expect weather disruptions and emergency needs.

Is your to-do list at home getting longer and longer? 

Prioritize what's immediately important and set a later date for the rest. Look at which tasks can be pushed off until January and set a weekend to get those jobs done.

Did you overschedule your team in your handyman business for December?

Consider moving a few scheduled jobs to later dates, if possible. Give yourself and your team another day or two off if you can. If not, you could lighten the load for one or two days during the month by rescheduling some work. 

Safety shoes make a great gift idea for the handyman on your gift list and your team if you're a business owner. 

It's okay to say no.

While your home and immediate family are your responsibilities, helping everyone in the community with all their holiday needs is not. Say yes to the tasks you can easily take on and find time to do without neglecting your own needs. 

When your schedule is already packed, be bold and politely say no.

When you reserve your Saturday to get that new cabinet you need in the living room done, saying no to volunteering at the all-day event is okay. 

Take time off from the internet.

Self-care is one of the most important things you can do this time of year. Ignoring online promotions and social media will help you stay in a happier frame of mind for the season. 

It's okay to ignore your family connections on social media this month. You'll be able to see them in person for a change. Instead, concentrate on your own holiday preparations, and spend time in the workshop finishing that side table you've been meaning to get back to for so long.

Stay safe during your holiday preparations with safety shoes built for comfort and stylish enough for family get-togethers.

Consider taking a December sabbatical from work.

Take a few more days off of work if that's possible. If you're a handyman business owner, block out an entire week each December to allow you and your team to concentrate on what's really important—family. 

Alternatively, consider taking the first week of January off to recover from the festivities and noise.

Invest in something new for you.

It's okay to treat yourself to something special for the holidays. In fact, it's highly recommended. 

That new rolling toolbox you've wanted for the garage?Get it!

Is that expensive impact driver you need on sale for the holidays?Grab it!

Do you need to upgrade your portable table saw to a heavy-duty one?Do it! 

Treat yourself to a new pair of style safety shoes designed to see you safely through all your chores.

Accept and enlist help from others.

Most of all, don't be too proud or afraid to ask for help from others this time of year. You may even help a loved one out by asking and making them feel important during a time they're feeling neglected. 

If you're running a handyman business, consider hiring an extra person or two this time of year to lighten the load for you and your team. As a business owner, you're scrambling more than usual through the holidays. Give yourself the relief you've earned through the year.

Give back.

Nothing makes us feel better about ourselves than the time and effort we give to those less fortunate than ourselves. Find ways that fit into your life to help another person have a brighter holiday.

  • Lend a hand to someone in need. Help an aging neighbor with a domestic task, such as shoveling their drive. 
  • Give to a charity. If your schedule's too full to help out physically, consider giving to one of many organizations that do.
  • Buy something for the local drive. Local businesses often have drop boxes for canned foods or winter clothing for those in need.
  • Help with a local organization. Soup kitchens, community action centers, the Salvation Army, and more need volunteers at this time of year.

Helpful tip: If you're giving to a canned food drive this year, choose items they'll love instead of beans. Everyone seems to drop canned beans into the boxes. Instead, consider a selection of soups, applesauce, fruit, and other ideas.

Christmas surprise idea. Drop a pair of safety shoes off at the Good Will store. You never know who you’ll help and how!

You'll have a happier holiday season and accomplish more by taking care of yourself and your needs. December is the month of giving to yourself as much as giving to others. It's a season for sharing the love we have for one another. Focus on your loved ones and the memories you're creating. 

All of us at Indestructible Shoes wish you and your family a happy, fun-filled holiday season!