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Budget-Friendly Renovation ideas

It’s hard to keep up with all of the trendy renovations all over social media, television shows, and home-improvement blogs– especially while staying under budget. In reality, the best kinds of renovations are simple, effective, and not incredibly expensive.

#1 Removable Flooring Options 

Have you been dying to update your living room floors? Perhaps you don’t like the color or condition of your existing hardwood floors but don’t want to spend excessive time and money taking them out and replacing them. Luckily, there’s a modern solution that will help you cut costs and time. 

Peel and stick flooring options are the way to go! Instead of ripping out your old flooring, you can simply apply an adhesive layer of new flooring. These options are much more cost-effective and practical than installing new flooring– and they look great. Plus, if you need to return to your original floors (for renting purposes, etc.), these options are removable. 

#2 New & Recycled Countertops

There are many ways to renovate your kitchen to make it look modern and refreshed. However, the costs can be astronomical. If you want to tailor these updates to fit your budget, we have some ideas. For starters, you can focus on a smaller amount of square footage to replace, reducing the amount you’re spending on materials. To reduce spending even more, you can go to a local countertop or tile warehouse and ask to purchase the remnants. If they are available, you can get quality materials for a fraction of the original price.

This will require some hard work in the kitchen and heavy countertops & tools. Make sure you take the proper precautions by wearing  premium safety shoes when updating your countertops.

#3 Update Your Lighting

The lighting in your home can have a much more significant impact than you realize. While you may have sufficient lighting for your basic needs, upgrading them with overhead lighting and dimmer switches will have shocking results. It’s a simple change, but it provides a sense of luxury and added comfort to the aesthetics of your space. 

#4 Space-Saving Bathroom Storage

Bathroom renovations aren’t always a priority, but something small like adding a medicine cabinet can make a major difference. It will give you more space, so your bathroom is less cluttered and more organized. Medicine cabinets aren’t usually expensive, and the installation won’t take too much time. However, this addition makes the space feel more open and modern!

When installing a medicine cabinet, it’s essential to wearreliable safety shoes. The cabinet can be heavy, and you don’t want to risk any injuries by not protecting your feet from accidental drops or falling tools/materials.

As you can see, the finer things in life can be both attainable and affordable. There’s no reason to sacrifice your budget or renovation goals, especially with these innovative ideas. The same can be said for the safety shoes you wear during these projects– you can find shoes that provide excellent protection, comfort, and style at  Indestructible Shoes.