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An Upgrade to Our Most Popular Model

The Most Breathable Indestructible Shoes Upgraded

Thanks to the over 4752 reviewers who love the Ryder safety shoe sharing what they love and what they'd like to see added to its design, we have a  New and Improved version. 

The Ryder has been upgraded to version 1.5! 

With a bolder look and the latest in footwear technology, the Ryder 1.5 is your answer for comfort, style, and protection. We have designed the perfect pair of work shoes that provide long-lasting protection without adding weight. 

It’s so light and comfortable that people forget they’re wearing any shoes at all!

Safety standards you can rely on.

Ryder 1.5 has the certification: ASTM F2413-18 *M* I/75 C/75 * PR

  • Impact resistance to the toe area.
  • Compression resistance to the toe area.
  • Reduced chance of injury to the top of the foot.
  • Reduced hazard risk of static electricity buildup.
  • Reduced possibility of ignition of explosives and volatile chemicals.
  • Electrical shock resistance.
  • Puncture-resistant bottoms.
  • Chain saw cut resistance.

European Steel Toes

Our Ryder 1.5 steel toes are made from heavy-duty steel for the most reliable protection your feet could ask for from falling objects and for crush resistance.

Powerful Kevlar infused workshoes.

These shoes are built with military-grade kevlar, an incredibly tough yet lightweight material. Kevlar is a heat-resistant strong synthetic material first developed at Dupont in 1965. Kevlar’s high tensile strength-to-weight ratio makes it five times stronger than steel. 

The Ryder 1.5 is a protective safety shoe designed to benefit the person who must deal with heavy objects and machinery, as well as the athlete handling weights at the gym. The flame-resistant materials and technologically advanced composition create a pair of work shoes you can count on to save your feet from many different types of mishaps.

Combining the puncture-resistant material in the soles and the lightweight design, the Ryder 1.5 minimizes the risk of punctures on the ground. With our military-grade material and innovative design, we've got your feet protected by a multitude of workplace puncture hazards.

Ryder 1.5 shoes are the perfect choice for hazardous work environments:

“I got these for my husband since he needed OSHA approved shoes. He is obsessed and loves how lightweight they are. He destroys shoes, and so far, these have held up against him, so I’m excited to have found shoes I won’t need to replace monthly.”


“Husband loves the shoes. Said all of his coworkers couldn’t believe they were work shoes, and now they all want a pair!”


Moisture-wicking for healthier feet. 

The Ryder 1.5 features a breathable fly mesh lining for maximum airflow and breathability. Air entering into the shoe helps make the legs feel more relaxed and keep your feet from sweating.

Proper air circulation makes the Ryder 1.5 a perfect safety shoe for summertime work, promoting better foot health. Not only will you avoid the foul smell, but you’ll minimize your risk of developing diseases caused by fungi and bacteria that grow in damp, warm places.

Cushioned midsole and lightweight.

Working with the fly mesh to help your feet feel better, we’ve added a cushioned midsole. This cushion helps open up the toe-box for more all-day comfort and improves shock absorption to fight foot fatigue.

Weighing less than 1LB, the Ryder 1.5 is a comfortable shoe you can wear indoors or outdoors. The stylish design allows you to go anywhere in style and safety.

As an added style option, we have convenient no-tie shoelaces for a more custom fit. These shoelaces are easy to use and add comfort you don’t get with the bulky design of traditional shoelaces.

At first, people like David couldn’t believe a flexible shoe would be comfortable and safe, but he soon felt the Ryder difference and loves them now.

“At first, I didn't think I liked them, but now that I have worn them for a little while, they're great shoes for the summer weather. Very comfortable on the toes and roomy.”


Flexible design for maximum comfort.

Flexibility is one of the most important factors in judging the comfort of a shoe. That’s why we choose high-quality materials that allow us to make superior safety shoes. 

With the springy, flexible composition, the Ryder 1.5 distributes your body weight more evenly across your feet, allowing for a more natural movement through your workday. By allowing you to push off with each step, we help you avoid the injuries caused by overly stiff work boots. 

Your muscles and tendons are allowed to load, splay, and recoil for a natural spring to your step across uneven terrain or harsh concrete floors. When your feet are not cramped and free to move, you avoid weakening the muscles and fascia.

Women love the Ryder 1.5 safety shoes just as much as the men do:

“These are great shoes if you're looking for something that's durable and breathable. Wearing them while doing inside build work, and it's awesome.”


“These shoes feel just like a pair of sneakers! I’m on my feet 10 hrs each day on concrete and no foot pain!!!”


The Ryder 1.5 is versatile for anyone.

The Ryder comes in four colors to fit anyone’s style. Available in Green, Grey, Black, and Pink to match your work attire or your gym outfit, or even a day out on the trails. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you must sacrifice style and comfort for safety. Our Indestructible Shoes will prove them wrong and amaze them at the same time.

Parting words from our Ryder wearers:

“Amazing shoes. Can't believe how comfortable they are.”


“Awesome shoe, very comfortable in the shop. Nobody knows these are steel toe by looking at them.”