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7 Practical DIY Home Repair Hacks

Everyone loves a good DIY hack.
The thing is, so many of them either can't be replicated or they're so impractical that there's not much use knowing about them.

So we decided to give you 7 DIY hacks you can use to fix up some things you've got around the house.

Let's dive in.

1) Fixing a Stuck Lock


This one involves two items:

  1. A #2 pencil
  2. A pocket knife

Take the pocket knife and shave down the pencil until the graphite is pocket out.

Rub the graphite on the inside of the door. Then break a piece of it off inside of the lock.

When you place the key into the lock, it'll crumble the graphite. 

The graphite will then act as a kind of lubricant for the lock, helping you unjam it!

2) Fix Your Twisted Toilet Tank Chain

Twisted toilet chains mean eternally running toilets and even bigger water bills.

There's no reason to deal with that, so let's fix it.

First, remove the chain in your toilet.

Then place a (plastic) straw over it. 

Put it back in and marvel at the new efficiency of your toilet.

3) Clean those rusty screws

Got a rusty screw?

Can't seem to get it out?

One word:


Slowly pour some vinegar over your rusty screw for a few seconds. 

You'll find the screw much easier to deal with and it will probably come loose without any more trouble.

4) Remove the Driveway Oil Stains

This one actually works best if you have an animal.

Specifically a cat.

But only because you'll look less crazy lugging the kitty litter home.

Taking care of driveway oil stains can be as easy as sprinkling kitty litter over the stain.

You leave it there to do it's work for 15 mins. Then you step on it, crushing it into the stain.

Scrub it with detergent and wash everything away for a squeaky clean driveway.

5) Quiet your Squeaky Doors

Speaking of squeaky things!

A squeaky door isn't something you just have to try to ignore and put up with.

This quick, simple and inexpensive hack will get rid of the obnoxious noise coming from any door.

And all you need is a little vaseline.

Take some petroleum jelly and rub it on your door hinges and voila.

Sweet, sweet silence.

6) Silence the Dripping Faucet

This one is more of a temporary fix, but still worth knowing nonetheless.

This will help you deal with the incessantdrip-drip-drip coming from that leaky faucet of yours.

And it features an encore from Vaseline.

All you do is turn off the water and remove the faucet. Then you smear some of the petroleum jelly around the O-ring before putting the faucet back on.

This will create a seal that prevents the extra water from getting out.

This gives you time to buy a new O-ring or faucet.

7) Radiator isn't getting hot

Need some heat in your home but your radiator doesn't seem to want to help?

Well you may have paint or rust blocking the bleeder valve and keeping things from heating up.

This one is super simple. (And no, it doesn't involve Vaseline)

Just try clearing it up with the radiator key. 

Work the valve back and forth until you can open it up. 

This will release all of the pent up air inside, the radiator will fill with hot water, and your home will fill up with hot air.

Enjoy any of these DIY hacks?

Share it on social media with your personal favorite DIY hack (even if it's not on this list).