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7 Gifts To Enhance Any Outdoor Space

No One Wants To Be Stuck At Home...

But for many people around the world, this winter could be a shut-in.

Plans to go out and have fun this holiday season, go shopping, travel to some place warmer and spend time with extended family and friends are cut short, no thanks to lock down restrictions.

On top of that, we have to face the consequences of winter: it’s going to get colder, nightfall comes much sooner, and there’s still going to be work that needs to get done. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that people are still getting presents for others and themselves.

While this holiday season might feel a little less intimate without all of our friends & family, we can still show them we care for them and wish them warmth & happiness by getting them a gift that perfectly accompanies them during the winter time!

Maybe they can’t go far, but you can help them enjoy the holidays while still being at home for an extended period of time.

Whether it’s a gift to keep them warmer or something that will make their home safer from winter conditions, be inspired to give something your loved ones can use from these 7 unique gift ideas to enhance their outdoor space!

Outdoor String Lights

Daylight Savings and the Earth’s axis tilt reduce the amount of sunlight we get in the northern hemisphere, which means nighttime comes around sooner than we want. On top of being at home for longer, the darkness during these times feels intensified and brings seasonal gloom.

Why not combat that by brightening up the patio space or the outdoors with some string lights? Line them underneath the awning, wrap them around a tree or on a pillar, the possibilities are endless! With a dimmer switch, you can really change the entire ambience of your space.

Heated Snow Melting Mat

The last thing you want to happen on your property is for you or someone else to slip and injure themselves on the walkway. With snow comes the chance for ice to develop and that can be treacherous; don’t let any accidents happen.

When salt and shoveling leave you exhausted and don’t get the job done, you can line your walkway towards your home or even along the sidewalk by lining up melting mats. Even when it is snowing, your heated mat will continue to melt snow so you don’t have to go back out and clean it up later.

Gold Gas Patio Heater

Let’s face it: most of us would much rather be in the safety and warmth of our home than outside sitting in the cold, especially at night. So many homes have nice patios and outdoor areas, but won’t be able to enjoy them or the winter nights as much. It would be nice if there was a way to add some heat and ambience.

Warm up your space by installing a gas patio heater. Even though you can’t enjoy below freezing temperatures with this alone, it’ll keep anyone in it’s vicinity nice and toasty. Plus it adds a nice visual touch to almost any patio!

Indestructible Shoes

There’s no escape from seasonal maintenance and work around the house. With winter conditions, elements like snow and ice can make conditions more difficult. Safety & quality is always our prime objective; no gift countdown is complete with mentioning Indestructible. 

Water proof, skid proof & build with wear-resistant technology, It’s no exaggeration why these shoes have ‘Indestructible’ in their name; they get the job done, even if it’s through frigid cold and icy conditions. They also look really good -- just check out the sturdy  Star 101 Collection &J3 Collection.



Electric Garage Heater

It might not be an ‘outdoor area’ per se, but the garage can definitely feel like one during the winter time. In fact, it can feel even colder than being outside! If you’ve ever gone into your garage to get something, make a repair or do anything else, you know how badly you want to get out of there.

That’s why an electric garage heater makes a worthy gift. Easy to install, powerful and relatively quiet, raise the temperature several degrees in even a larger sized garage. Not only doesn’t it feel like you’re in an ice box, it could actually be nice to sit in the garage for a while. 

Cast Stone Fire Pit

If you have the space to hold something as exciting as a rustic stone fire pit, you’ll love the way it looks and runs during the winter time. All you need is some firewood to enjoy. 

Although it’s better enjoyed with larger groups of people, it will have you outside for longer as you appreciate the roaring fire and experience the warmth it provides you and your family. Whether it’s to roast marshmallows, keep warm, or just enjoy the beauty of the flame, a cast stone fire pit is definitely a gift worth giving to someone who loves their patio and being outdoors!