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6 Pro Tips to Increase Productivity And Save Time

In most industries, time is money, and Construction is no exception. By boosting your productivity and efficiency on the job, you can make MORE money. So let’s explore six professional tips to help you save time and work more productively.

Plan Ahead with Clear Objectives

Two men collaborating and strategizing, diligently planning before executing a project or task

Benjamin Franklin could not have stated it better, when he said, "by failing to plan, you are preparing to fail”. This is because effective planning is one of the fundamental keys to saving time in construction.

Before starting a project, put time into detailed planning and setting clear objectives. Outline the scope of work, create a detailed schedule, and identify key milestones.

By having a well-defined roadmap, you can eliminate uncertainties, reduce delays, and avoid unnecessary work. Don’t forget to include all stakeholders, including subcontractors, suppliers, and clients, to ensure everyone is on the same page right from the get-go.

Save Time by Delegating

Construction worker actively performing duties on the job site, ensuring progress and safety

It's crucial to focus on your core competencies. Delegating non-core tasks that don't require your expertise can save you boatloads of time and energy.

Think of yourself as a pro athlete. Do you think football players do their own taxes? Of course not! Like them, your time is valuable, so consider outsourcing time-consuming tasks such as cleaning, bookkeeping, or social media management. This frees up your time so you can concentrate on project execution, ultimately enhancing your productivity.

Invest in Yourself

Man engaged in online learning, acquiring knowledge through focused study on a laptop

Where do you invest your money? Stocks…. Real estate… Crypto … What about yourself? With an uncertain economic outlook, one of the best investments you can make is in your own skill base. Investing in your development can help save time and make you more productive in the long run.

This can mean staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, regulations, and technological developments. What’s more, you can attend workshops or seminars to enhance your skills and knowledge. By staying ahead of the competition, you can minimize mistakes, work more efficiently, and reduce the time needed to get the job done.

Pick Your Friends Carefully

Group of friends and coworkers enjoying a gathering and fostering a positive work environment

They say you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This means you must be careful in choosing who to hang out with. If you want to develop your skill base and earnings potential, you should seek out people who are doing the same thing.

Ideally, they should be slightly ahead of you in their professional journey, as this will force you to step up your own game and become more productive. Moreover, this could open doors to new opportunities and expand your professional network.

Always remember that you are playing the long game: building mutually beneficial professional relationships takes time.

Apply a Philosophy of ‘Continuous Improvement

Expert providing valuable insights and recommendations for improvement

To improve efficiency, it is essential to evaluate projects and learn from them. This can be achieved by conducting project reviews to identify successes, challenges, and areas for improvement. Remember that you can learn from your successes and mistakes. As part of this, you need to ask difficult questions and be willing to listen to feedback, in all its forms. 

Toyota has a philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’: no improvement is too small if it increases efficiency or productivity. You can apply a similar philosophy by implementing opportunities for improvement, big and small, in all areas of your work.

In practice, this means conducting regular progress meetings to discuss project updates, address concerns, and foster greater collaboration. In this way, effective communication reduces misunderstandings, prevents rework, and enables timely decision-making, thereby saving time and energy.

Top Tip: Stay On Your Feet with Indestructible Shoes

Two co-workers demonstrating professional collaboration through a handshake

By minimizing accidents and injuries, you can maintain a productive workplace, saving time and energy that would otherwise have to be spent on dealing with the fallout of these incidents.

This means prioritizing your safety, which includes protecting your feet. Risks to your feet are everywhere, in the form of sharp surfaces, slippery floors, or falling objects. Besides following safety protocols meticulously, wearing our tough, slip-resistant shoes can save you a lot of trouble.