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5 (+1) New Year's Resolutions That Make Better Men

There’s one major reason there’s so much energy around New Years:

We all understand that it’s a clean slate for us, if we’re willing to take it. It gives us an opportunity to separate last year from this year. An opportunity to be and choose something different.

Not everyone who sees these opportunities takes them. Because these opportunities are also challenges.

But there’s a community of men who are up for the challenge of growing, living with purpose and achieving things worth being proud of.

If that’s you, here’s 5 (plus one more) New Year’s Resolutions that always mold us into better men.

1. I’ll be more present for my loved ones

We all want to be loved, respected and trusted by our loved ones.

But you can’t build a relationship like that if they don’t feel your presence.

Put away the phone during conversations. Look them in the eyes. Repeat back part of what they said every now and again, to make sure you understand and to make sure they know you’re listening.

Fair warning: It’s harder than it looks. But you’re bigger than the challenge.

2. I’ll think about the media I consume


Garbage in, Garbage out.

This applies to your mind as much as it does your body.

We want to make new healthy, success habits. So we need to feed our mind more inspirational, educational content.

It’s okay to do some scrolling or to watch T.V. or whatever.

Just make sure you’re conscious of what and how much you’re consuming.

3. I’ll achieve one (realistic) fitness goal

Exercise is a keystone habit.

When you start doing it, a ton of other areas of your life improve as well. (Eating better, sleeping better, better mood, better discipline, etc)

The key is making a small, process-focused goal...

Turning it into a habit...

Then letting it take on a life of its own so that the results take care of themselves.

For example. Instead of saying ‘I’ll lose 20lbs.’ Say ‘I’m going to walk 3x a week.’

Then get after it.

4. I’ll do something that scares me

Nothing new is ever found in your comfort zone.

Good or bad.

So if you want to achieve something new and better...

Start consciously doing things that scare you.

‘Nuff said. You got this.

5. I’ll make some personal time


Because having time to yourself frees up your mind. It gives you headspace for your own thoughts to pop up.

Thoughts that will tell you when you’re on the right path.

What you really care about.

When you need to rest.

What would be a cool idea to try. (Indestructible Shoes was just a cool idea once.)

So make time for yourself.

Get the man cave. Watch a movie by yourself. Go hiking or spend time putting things together.

Whatever floats your boat.

6. I won’t take myself quite so seriously

Lots of things in life are hard.

But we make things harder by trying to be perfect or needing to look perfect. We do it to hide imperfections we feel we shouldn’t have.

In other words, taking ourselves TOO seriously is about insecurity.

And operating out of insecurity will hurt us as men, partners, fathers, and leaders.

Instead, decide to try not to take yourself so seriously sometimes.

Over time, you’ll become more aware when you are. Then you’ll start naturally making shifts.

The New Years Resolution…

You’re at the start of a new 365-day cycle.

No matter when you’re reading this.

Now is the time to pick at least one of these and decide to commit to it.

You’ll come out a better man for it.