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3 Ridiculous Myths Ruining the Construction Industry

The construction industry has gotten a pretty bad rep over the recent years…

More often than not, people assume that becoming a construction worker means you haven’t worked as hard in life to get a better job.

And the mainstream media only adds fuel to the fire.

Sitcoms always seem to have the “dim-witted” construction worker as a character… and it’s put a negative light on the construction industry.

Sure, there is a small percentage of incompetent workers that work in construction.

But that’s like every other industry out there!

There will always be helpless people. People who make careless mistakes (like wearing sneakers instead of safety shoes) no matter where they work.

The point is...

Most of our population have a completely INACCURATE outlook on the construction industry.

If you’re one of them, I’d like to share 3 myths that must be laid to rest...

#1: Construction is only for people who can’t get other jobs

This is hugely inaccurate and insulting for people who work in construction.

Most construction workers have chosen the field because they know it pays well, offers holidays and best of all, the chance to make something that will be standing longer than most people live!

#2: There’s no room for advancement in construction

Working in construction is NOT a dead end job. In fact, quite the opposite.

Anyone who is dedicated and career driven can work for larger construction companies that place huge importance on education and training.

Advancement options include training for managerial positions or even setting up your own company and becoming the boss yourself.

Choosing a reputable company can lead to upwards of $100,000+ yearly salary for those who are interested in climbing the job ladder!

#3: Most construction workers are poorly educated

Construction workers may not have enjoyed creative arts like poetry in school, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent.

Many people in construction excel in math, physics, and technical design. And even if a few people didn’t do so well in school, they’ll have to learn on the job in order to stay in the industry.

It’s myths like these that put the entire construction industry in a negative light…

Getting the wrong idea about construction workers has led to lots of interesting jobseekers to choose other sectors.

This leaves the industry extremely short of good workers.

If you or anyone you know had even the slightest thought of working in construction but were too afraid to pursue it…

Just know that it’s an extremely lucrative and satisfying career that should be reconsidered!

Show good work ethic, follow directions meticulously - even little things like wearing the right pair of shoes - and pay attention to detail…

You’d be surprised how fast you can climb the job ladder in this lucrative field!