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2023 Construction TRENDS!

Now that all the excitement of the new year is over, it’s time to get back to work. Many of us at Indestructible Shoes work in construction and are gearing up for a new year with new challenges. To help prepare, we’ve put together a list of the top projected trends in construction for 2023– check it out.

#1 Open Concepts

We all know that open-concept home renovations have always been popular, and this year isn’t any different. Expect to get plenty of requests to open up kitchen and bathroom spaces. This means anything from adding kitchen islands to walk-in showers. There are many things people will consider when opening up their space, including windows. Be prepared to install large, open windows and skylights.

#2 Smart Living

As the years go by, technology gets more advanced (and more popular). This year, smart technology will be wanted in every new home and renovation. Some may be drawn to this technology for its convenience, while others like its energy-efficient aspects. In addition to new homes being built with smart tech, we expect to see many upgraded appliances in old houses– including smart fridges, ovens, and more!

#3 Going Organic

Sustainable elements are a major preference this year. Businesses get good PR from sustainable practices, and homeowners get to keep up with the eco-friendly aesthetic. So, how will this affect construction? One word– materials. You will be seeing organic materials more than ever, and this can affect the installation process. Keep an eye out for this trend, and expect a big switch to organic elements!

While the trends in construction change every year, one thing always stays the same– a need for safety. At Indestructible Shoes, you can stay protected and look stylish in our high-quality safety shoes.

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